Molly, Pretty As Can Be

Molly, Pretty As Can Be

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

3's a Crowd

I know I know it's been awhile since my last post and I'm sorry. Trying to keep track of these 3 can be a full time job. We both already have one of those so...I guess the kids will have to go live with grandma. Need to make an income somehow. Well anyways life has been glorious this past week. Lets see I thought I'd be nice and give the kids some bones (rawhides) to chew on and well Molly did fine with hers, Peanut took his time and boy did he and Roscoe was doing ok. Was until he started to choke because he gets a little carried away and thinks he can swallow the whole thing when we both know that's not physically possible. I had to go and calm him down and I just kept patting his back until it came out. That was fun. And wet. And well disgusting. He wanted it back though. He wasn't done obviously but I was done so in the trash it went. For Peanut I usually trust him but i noticed it was getting small and since he was outside I decided to go and get it and throw it away. Yeah didn't work too well. As soon I approached he assumed the position. He hangs on to bone with a death grip and just glares and growls at you. You can't even go within 3 feet and that boy freaks out. Well I gradually walk up talking to him hoping that will distract him but it doesn't. We pretty much play tug of war for a while til I finally give up. He walks away. I follow. He again stops and stares. This time I pick him up by two paws and walk him to the patio thinking this will make it easier. Nope it doesn't. I try prying his mouth open hoping to get a hold of this bone but to no avail. He's getting really mad at this point so he starts to go potty which irritates me so off we go into the house. I hate when he acts like a baby outside. I don't need the neighbors knowing how crazy we are. Well Nate and I try to attempt to remove the bone from his iron clad jaws and still nothing. You leave him alone he doesn't want to drop it. You try prying it and still doesn't drop it. Finally with Nate holding his body I use two hands and open his mouth and after a little wiggling out it falls. That was the worse situation ever. Made me realize just how strong and annoying Peanut our love, can be. So no bones for a while. 

What kind of toy does your dog like to hang on to?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Life as a Princess

Beautiful Beautiful Molly. I took these last night and for some reason she kept getting irritated at me because I kept waking her up to take her photo. Got to admit these are some of my favorites. You really can't ever stay mad at her with those big brown eyes and adorable face. Don't worry it's easy to get mad but just hard to stay there. 

Do you ever find it hard to stay mad at your beautiful angel?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Biggest Loser

Probably our biggest struggle we had with Roscoe was his weight. I always said I'd rather him be overweight than those dogs you see on the t.v. commercials where the owners just quit caring. Well I guess we "cared" for him a bit too much. The vet kept saying you've got to get him on a diet and cut his food back. Another issue was his knees. Both Peanut and Roscoe were born having luxating patellas (where their kneecaps would pop in and out of place.) Peanut grew out of his but for some reason Roscoe was still having issues. It was either having surgery which I'm sure you all know can be expensive or dieting. We did what we could but living in an apartment can be tough cause there's not a whole lot of room to run. 
You know it could be those french fries and occasional hot dogs he got. What? Like you've never given your dog table scraps. Well maybe you did and maybe we just gave him a bit too much. Well as I've mentioned before Molly was the cure to Roscoe's "Weight Issues." Roscoe has never ran so much in his life. Those two are inseparable. I'm happy that they are so close and that Roscoe is down 15 pounds. He was his heaviest at 38.2 pounds. He plays so much and we're so happy that he's healthier. He's our special boy. Always there when you need him!

Can you see the difference??

Has your pooch ever had to go on a diet?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

All About Peanut!!



What can we say about lovable Peanut? Really the question is, "What isn't there to say about Peanut." You might want to sit down. This could take all night. Think I'm kidding? I'm not. When we first got Peanut it was love at first sight. I let Nate pick him out because he hadn't had a dog in forever and this was our first puppy together. Kinda wished we would have done our research but what's done is done I say. He's the worlds biggest baby and when he doesn't get his way, he lets you know. Right now he's going through this phase of wanting to sleep in bed with us at night. Doesn't matter how many times you tell him to get down and go lay down, few seconds later you can feel these paws slowly walking up the center of the bed. He just wants to lay under the covers and when you let him he's good.

Peanut has lots of loves in his life. He loves to bite. He loves to lick. He loves to jump up. He loves to jump into the shower. He loves jumping at the T.V. when he sees another dog. He loves stealing your potato chips. He loves being the center of attention and he loves being told NO. Well I'm exaggerating. We love telling him no it's just he doesn't listen. Thankfully with Peanut we haven't had any major health problems., except for his psychoticness and major mood swings. That and well his allergies. His allergies are curable with Zrytec which works like a charm but his other "abnormalities" aren't. Frankly he's gotten worse over the year I think primarily due to Molly. He was really good when we got her but months later he turned towards the dark side. LOL.

He's not horrible but manageable. For some reason the vet thinks he's protecting me when he's "acting" out but Nate and I just think he's off his rocker. We're just used to it but he might need something stronger than the Prozac he's on. Above all else we love Peanut and when it comes down to it we wouldn't want to change a thing about him. What he does makes him Peanut and we are forever grateful for that.  Besides how can you ever be mad at a face like this one?
What crazy things has your "first born" put you through?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Molly ate Wh@t????

Precious Molly had to have emergency surgery a few weeks back. It was very scary. Come to find out one day at work Nate emails me and is like "can you call me right now?" I called and he just noticed that somehow Miss Thing managed to reach the cable cord from her crate. She pawed at it enough (enough to damage the wall as well) but somehow reached it. He said that she had to have eaten at least two feet of it. She ate the white cable part, the copper wire that runs through as well as the foil and all the teenie tiny pieces of metal fibers. It was bad. I called the vet and they're like if that's true we need to see her right away. I took off early and took her and she had 3 x-rays done. Yup there it all was. In the belly of the beast. Well the vet said try to give her a big meal for dinner because as of that afternoon it was already "making" it's way out. So we did. She wanted to see her the next morning to see if it all had passed so Nate took her in the morning. While I was at work hoping all was well I get a text saying "call me." I called and Nate said, "well they took her." I lost it. I cried because the last time I had to hand her over for another "emergency" (which is another story) I was afraid she wasn't coming back home. Vet said she still had a lot of the metal fibers in her tummy so she needed to have them out as soon as possible. I got to pick her up the next day and boy was she happy to see me. You could tell she was in a lot of pain but she was glad to go home and see her brothers. Roscoe especially missed her. Those two are bonded like glue. Molly had a lot of bruising but thankfully she didn't have to go back in to get stitches out since she was glued shut. LOL. Naw she healed nicely. Her incision scared me because it kept looking like it was going to open but she was careful. She knew to take the stairs 1 @ at time and not to jump. If she wanted up on something she just put 1 paw up. We knew what she wanted. Well she's all better now and I'm glad. She's my angel and we love her dearly. Has your pet had any emergency surgeries lately? 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sleep Deprived

So last night my mother, my cousin, our family friend and I went to see the famous Reba McEntire in concert. She was awesome. She didn't come on till 9pm because she had 3 opening acts but it was worth the wait. She had Edens Edge, Steel Magnolia, and THE BAND PERRY open. The Band Perry was awesome! It was also freezing last night so the walk to the car at the end wasn't fun. Above all it was a great night. That is until I tried to go to sleep. Molly and Roscoe know exactly when it's time to go to bed. They go right to their bed and go to sleep. The demon, I mean Peanut on the other hand has to put up a fight. He likes being with mommy and daddy but hates going to his bed. When he's comfortable and you try to pick him up all he does is growl. It doesn't stop it gets worse. It even turns into this sappy whinning sound. Horrible. Anyways we thought he was down but somehow he kept making his way into the bed and trying to get under the covers. We'd put him down. He'd get up. We'd put him down again. He'd get up again. It was like a 3 ring circus. It was never ending. Finally at 4 I'm like just leave him. He thinks it's a game and he obviously won. He always does. Kinda like Nate. He tends to get what he wants too. Fun for me! So Peanut is happy which is good but then the other two decide it's time to get up. After saying "go lay down" like 5 times they finally got the hint. Yeah it only lasted for like an hour. Next thing you know time to get up and face the fascinating world and head off to work. Are you sleep deprved today as well?

Thursday, November 3, 2011


          Peanut our first born is what we call him, is a Jack Russell Terrier. Terrier is a good word because that's what he is - a TERROR. Lets just say we knew nothing about this breed when we bought him but we have learned a lot. He is going to be 4 this year and his attitude grows with age. Lets see he is currently on Zyrtec as well as Prozac. Yup i said it. Prozac. That might sum up his demeanor just a little bit. More on him later.
          Now my beautiful girl Molly is a red Boxer. She's about 15 months right now and has super amounts of energy. If you are not careful she'll take you down when she's trying to say hi. As soon as I come home she dives off the stairs for me. Good thing I have the stair railings to grab onto. She's my only girl I've ever had and she gets treated like a princess. She's so spoiled. She's also very stubborn and doesn't like to listen when she's told no.
         Roscoe is my angel. He's a Puggle and up until this year he's had a bit of a weight problem. They wouldn't take him at Weight Watchers so we got Molly instead. Lost about 15 pounds in a year. He's 3. This has been the best dog ever. Well let me take that back. We had some problems when we lived in our apartment and him going to the bathroom. You know when you have a boy and you always dread changing their diaper for fear they will uh...go everywhere if you aren't quick enough? Well that would be Roscoe. Everytime he was in the act and you tried picking him up to get him to would go everywhere. It wasn't fun. Now when Nate and I need a break from the other two we go to Roscoe. He makes everything better. Well more to come on our fascinating children. What crazy things have your children put you though?