Molly, Pretty As Can Be

Molly, Pretty As Can Be

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

3's a Crowd

I know I know it's been awhile since my last post and I'm sorry. Trying to keep track of these 3 can be a full time job. We both already have one of those so...I guess the kids will have to go live with grandma. Need to make an income somehow. Well anyways life has been glorious this past week. Lets see I thought I'd be nice and give the kids some bones (rawhides) to chew on and well Molly did fine with hers, Peanut took his time and boy did he and Roscoe was doing ok. Was until he started to choke because he gets a little carried away and thinks he can swallow the whole thing when we both know that's not physically possible. I had to go and calm him down and I just kept patting his back until it came out. That was fun. And wet. And well disgusting. He wanted it back though. He wasn't done obviously but I was done so in the trash it went. For Peanut I usually trust him but i noticed it was getting small and since he was outside I decided to go and get it and throw it away. Yeah didn't work too well. As soon I approached he assumed the position. He hangs on to bone with a death grip and just glares and growls at you. You can't even go within 3 feet and that boy freaks out. Well I gradually walk up talking to him hoping that will distract him but it doesn't. We pretty much play tug of war for a while til I finally give up. He walks away. I follow. He again stops and stares. This time I pick him up by two paws and walk him to the patio thinking this will make it easier. Nope it doesn't. I try prying his mouth open hoping to get a hold of this bone but to no avail. He's getting really mad at this point so he starts to go potty which irritates me so off we go into the house. I hate when he acts like a baby outside. I don't need the neighbors knowing how crazy we are. Well Nate and I try to attempt to remove the bone from his iron clad jaws and still nothing. You leave him alone he doesn't want to drop it. You try prying it and still doesn't drop it. Finally with Nate holding his body I use two hands and open his mouth and after a little wiggling out it falls. That was the worse situation ever. Made me realize just how strong and annoying Peanut our love, can be. So no bones for a while. 

What kind of toy does your dog like to hang on to?

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