Molly, Pretty As Can Be

Molly, Pretty As Can Be

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Molly ate Wh@t????

Precious Molly had to have emergency surgery a few weeks back. It was very scary. Come to find out one day at work Nate emails me and is like "can you call me right now?" I called and he just noticed that somehow Miss Thing managed to reach the cable cord from her crate. She pawed at it enough (enough to damage the wall as well) but somehow reached it. He said that she had to have eaten at least two feet of it. She ate the white cable part, the copper wire that runs through as well as the foil and all the teenie tiny pieces of metal fibers. It was bad. I called the vet and they're like if that's true we need to see her right away. I took off early and took her and she had 3 x-rays done. Yup there it all was. In the belly of the beast. Well the vet said try to give her a big meal for dinner because as of that afternoon it was already "making" it's way out. So we did. She wanted to see her the next morning to see if it all had passed so Nate took her in the morning. While I was at work hoping all was well I get a text saying "call me." I called and Nate said, "well they took her." I lost it. I cried because the last time I had to hand her over for another "emergency" (which is another story) I was afraid she wasn't coming back home. Vet said she still had a lot of the metal fibers in her tummy so she needed to have them out as soon as possible. I got to pick her up the next day and boy was she happy to see me. You could tell she was in a lot of pain but she was glad to go home and see her brothers. Roscoe especially missed her. Those two are bonded like glue. Molly had a lot of bruising but thankfully she didn't have to go back in to get stitches out since she was glued shut. LOL. Naw she healed nicely. Her incision scared me because it kept looking like it was going to open but she was careful. She knew to take the stairs 1 @ at time and not to jump. If she wanted up on something she just put 1 paw up. We knew what she wanted. Well she's all better now and I'm glad. She's my angel and we love her dearly. Has your pet had any emergency surgeries lately? 

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