Molly, Pretty As Can Be

Molly, Pretty As Can Be

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Biggest Loser

Probably our biggest struggle we had with Roscoe was his weight. I always said I'd rather him be overweight than those dogs you see on the t.v. commercials where the owners just quit caring. Well I guess we "cared" for him a bit too much. The vet kept saying you've got to get him on a diet and cut his food back. Another issue was his knees. Both Peanut and Roscoe were born having luxating patellas (where their kneecaps would pop in and out of place.) Peanut grew out of his but for some reason Roscoe was still having issues. It was either having surgery which I'm sure you all know can be expensive or dieting. We did what we could but living in an apartment can be tough cause there's not a whole lot of room to run. 
You know it could be those french fries and occasional hot dogs he got. What? Like you've never given your dog table scraps. Well maybe you did and maybe we just gave him a bit too much. Well as I've mentioned before Molly was the cure to Roscoe's "Weight Issues." Roscoe has never ran so much in his life. Those two are inseparable. I'm happy that they are so close and that Roscoe is down 15 pounds. He was his heaviest at 38.2 pounds. He plays so much and we're so happy that he's healthier. He's our special boy. Always there when you need him!

Can you see the difference??

Has your pooch ever had to go on a diet?

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  1. what a good looking man. that diet really worked for him for the better. now roscoe and molly can run for a long time together.